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Current COVID-19 guidelines allow for 20% occupancy. If a club is full, please check back in an hour.

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We offer a wide variety of group fitness classes to appeal to everyone. From yoga, to intense boot camps, beginner fitness, barbell strength training, and more, you are sure to find something to suit your style and fitness goals. Browse the complete class schedule and descriptions below to find the class you’ll love.


At our gyms, everyone pays the same rate. If you want personal training, of course, you’ll need to pay separately for that as the trainers need an income. But every single class we offer, all the amenities (like our amazing sauna), and every piece of equipment is open to EVERY member of our gym!

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2019 Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve8am – 2pm
New Year’s Eve5am – 5pm
New Year’s Day8am – 11pm


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