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Membership options for everyone! From unlimited access to locations and classes, to one location and no class access. We also offer small group or one on one personal training. 

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Basic gym access

Step into our dedicated training area, furnished with cardio machines, cross-training equipment, a versatile array of plate and cable machines, and a diverse selection of free weights—an all-inclusive setup to elevate your daily workout regimen and achieve peak fitness. Whether you thrive on self-designed workouts or seek guidance, our space caters to a broad spectrum of workout goals and routines.

Peak Unlimited access to classes and locations

Experience our diverse range of group fitness classes and locations through the comprehensive Peak All Access Membership. Whether it’s Yoga, Bootcamps, Booty classes, Tai Chi, and beyond – we have something tailored to match your style and fitness aspirations. Explore our complete class schedule on our classes page. Enjoy limitless access to all group classes and locations with our Peak All Access Membership.

Small Group training

Join our intensive 3-month small group barbell training program! Learn key compound lifts and progressively increase weights for rapid total body strength gains. This method not only enhances strength but also fortifies against injuries while boosting overall confidence.

personal training

Partner with our expert personal trainers to craft a tailored fitness blueprint aligned with your individual goals. Whether it’s weight loss, corrective exercises, sport-specific training, or event preparation, our experienced team caters to your aspirations. Additionally, we offer small group barbell strength training programs for those focused solely on building strength.

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2019 Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve8am – 2pm
New Year’s Eve5am – 5pm
New Year’s Day8am – 11pm


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